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Natural Elk Ranch, is owned and operated by Wayne and Josie Balderson and family. Of all the farming enterprises we have mastered over the years, Elk are by far the most enjoyable and self-rewarding.

The Balderson family has been farming and marketing livestock for generations. Elk Ranching or Elk, also referred to as wapiti, is a viable natural alternative livestock animal compared to cattle. Wapiti are natural to our climate and grasses thus perfect to manage and sustain.

Natural Elk Ranch is committed to humane treatment and practices, as we are agricultural specialists.  We care about our animals and know that a calm, content animal is easier to work with and more productive; therefore, it is in the best interests of our own safety, our animal’s safety and also our industry to treat and handle our animals with the respect we'd expect from any of our agricultural counter parts.

Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the Alberta government have set strict regulations for the practice of elk ranching. Complete tracking, yearly inspections and herd health control by an Accredited Veterinarian. Our ranch is spacious with plenty of room to roam. Our free-range environment promotes healthy and normal development.

Elk graze naturally, and their diet is free of growth stimulants, hormones, and antibiotics. “If it doesn’t grow in the dirt, it doesn’t go into our feed.”

We adhere to the highest standards in Canadian agriculture today set out by provincial and federal governments. The Livestock Industry Diversification Act governs Alberta’s elk ranching industry. As well, the federal Elk and Deer Farming Guide outlines very specific animal husbandry guidelines.


Natural Elk production involves the controlled breeding and raising of elk for the sale of:


Natural Elk Ranch in Alberta

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